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Chi Alpha is a community of young adults, living life together. We’re neither a sorority nor a fraternity, but we do seek to build authentic brother and sisterhood. Our weekly large group services and weekly life groups (Bible studies) create safe atmospheres to explore faith, ask difficult questions, and build meaningful friendships.

Our focus is authenticity. We want students to build a Real Devotional life by spending time in studying Scripture and communicating with God through prayer. We want students to find Real Community by spending meaningful time with the peers in their life groups and “doing life together.” We want students to discover what it means to have Real Responsibility in the Kingdom of God through global missions, relational evangelism, and social justice.

For more information about Chi Alpha, please visit the national website

Doing Life Together


Is Chi Alpha a sorority or fraternity?

We’re not a fraternity or a sorority. We’re actually a campus ministry! Our name comes from the Greek for Christ’s (Chi) Ambassadors (Alpha) which comes from 2 Corinthians 5:20.

Where does Chi Alpha meet?

Every Thursday night we meet right on campus in MPR-b! Doors open at 6:15pm-- come hang out with us! And the service starts at 7:00 PM!

Do I have to do anything to join?

Nope! There is no initiation process; you just have to show up!

What denomination is Chi Alpha?

We're non-denominational.

Is Chi Alpha just an Edinboro University thing?

We're actually on 300+ campuses across the nation!

Do I need to be a Christian to come?

Nope! Chi Alpha is a great place to explore your faith, ask questions, and meet new people! Everyone is welcome and we can't wait to meet you!

Do I need to be an Edinboro Student to come?

Any young adults in the college-age bracket are more than welcome to come!

Can I donate to Chi Alpha?

Yes! Go to our Giving Page for more information! We're able to continue ministeries to students, holding events, and growing on Edinboro's campus because of partners like you!

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